Will Potts





Disclosure's second album Caracal called for a scalable arena design. The show would hit world class venues and festivals such as Sydney Opera House, Maddison Square Gardens, Coachella Main Stage, Glastonbury Other Stage and sold out three consecutive nights at London's Alexander Palace. 

Alongside James Scott and Louis Oliver, LSD designed and then toured the show around the world. 

Will was responsible for modelling and animating the Disclosure face logo to sing songs for DJ sets and live shows - Will has enjoyed singing hit single 'Latch' to well over 1 million people worldwide and counting. 

" impressive light and laser show, some of the best i’ve seen in the Opera House which is a MASSIVE call"
- The Interns, Meshell Webb (Sydney Opera House 2016)

"What a show."
- The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney Opera House 2016)

"...outstanding lighting and visuals."
- Brag Magazine (Sydney Opera House 2016)