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Oneohtrix Point Never


Oneohtrix Point Never

OPN's new album Age Of  is accompanied by MYRIAD , an expansive conceptual live project dubbed a 'concertscape' and 'four-part epochal song cycle'

Working closely with Daniel and his associated artist Nate Boyce we created a touring concert environment that accompanied the experimental sensory electronica and video set that makes MYRIAD a visually compelling experience.

Sold out shows at The Barbican,  Shibuya O-East Tokyo, Funkhaus Berlin, Le Centquatre Paris, Walt Disney Concert Hall LA. Touring continues. 

"The songs from Age Of, particularly those in the latter half of the set feel denser, more physical, and - in conjunction with the lights and video work - it’s hard not to feel like you’re being subjected to a sensory overload. It’s as though you just spent the last hour and a half plugged into a machine that transmitted the entirety of human existence into your brain, with all its hopes and anxieties amplified."

Robert Whitfield - The 405